In our company works the team of professional web programmers, designers, analysts and SEO specialists. Most of our employees are masters of few technologies and this fact allows us to have more qualitative and holistic approach to all issues of internet projects development.

In the process of development of any web application we use:


This is a scripting language of programming which was developed to generate HTML-pages on the web-server and to operate with data bases. This language is maintained by practically all representatives of hosting and is included to the standard set for web-site developing (LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySOL, PHP).

Due to its simplicity, rate of fulfillment, rich functionality, spread of source code on the base of PHP license, this language is one of the most popular in the sphere of website development technology. The language differs by presence of the core and pluggable modulus, «extension»: for the operation with data bases, sockets, dynamic graphics, cryptographic libraries, documents in PDF format and so on. It also gives an option to develop and apply additional extension.

Java Script

It is quite a new programming language, but it is already popular in the sphere of website development technology. At the moment the work on this language is still carrying out. The language is still improving and developing. The technical board deals with the essential extensions including mechanisms for scripts that will be developed for using in Internet, and more rigid coordination with other basic standards of groups World Wide Web Consortium and Wireless Application Protocol Forum. Java Script has already played great role in the progress of website development technologies.


It is the basic language in the sphere of website development technologies, as it is quite easy-to-adapt. But the excessive simplicity is also a bug of this language. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) has responded to all demands of website developing technologies on the early stages, but with the development of this sphere the essential problems has appeared. HTML has such opportunities: create network documents with headlines, text, tables, lists, photos etc; get information from the net via links of hypertext by clicking; create forms for signalizing to the remote computer in order to search information, reserve, order goods and so on; include spreadsheet, video, audio and other program applications indirectly to their documents.


SQL (Structured Query Language) was developed for operation with relational database. This language allows users interact with databases (look over, search, add, run data). MySQL – is multi-user, multithreading server of database SQL. It has good speed and flexibility for using it in order to store images and files.


CSS — (Cascading Style Sheets) – is a formal language for description appearance of the document created with using of the markup language. This language is used mostly as the means of description and design of web-pages that was created with help of markup language HTML and XHTML, but may be applied to any XML documents.


Technology Flash – is multimedia platform of company Adobe for developing web-applications or multimedia presentations. It is widely used for creating banner adverts, animations, games and playback on web-pages video and audio.

Graphic design

In the process of graphic developing we use software Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS and Corel Painter.

3D animation

For developing 3D graphic and animation our specialists use:

  • Autodesk 3DSMax
  • Vray
  • Autodesk Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Crazybump
  • TopoGun
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