Website Development

We have been developing sites for already 5 years. For this period we did not fixate in our self-development and now we can state with all our confidence that we are professionals in our area.

Each our project is the realization of our experience and the creative search for new exclusive solutions required by the client for the successful business development. The results of our work represent the perfect product which efficiently solves the client's tasks.

Where to create a site? What kind of site to create? BIT Software Solutions is a team of professionals creating the sites in the premium segment. As a result of the work the client gets the product that solves all assigned tasks completely. We appreciate the mutually beneficial cooperation; it is obligatory for us to make the contract with each client thereby protecting the client and ourselves from all sorts of misunderstandings.

Creating and development of a website is not our single task. Also our design studio "revives" already created sites helping our clients to achieve their objectives, to attract the new clients, to develop their business. Not all companies can fill in the sites, promote them not as well as analyze them from the view of successfulness. And since the world and business environment change constantly the site has to be renovated continuously according to the needs of the modern market. There appear the new ways of client attraction: blogs, comments to the articles, like buttons, links, social networks... We use the comprehensive approach to position the site, analyze the customers' actions at the site, write articles, promote in social networks, make redesign (from the smallest details to the entire site).

Another our direction is development and creating of online shops. And we all know the formula for success which is: friendly attitude and comfortable interface both for customers and sellers. If you create the right atmosphere, the client will only want to return there but will advise the others to visit it at well.

Our company has different price offers, we appreciate all our clients and take into account the resources of each client. The development and creating of the website can be either standard or premium. Both variants include qualitative maintenance and "turnkey" realization. The premium variant gives an opportunity to process the client's task including the selection of emotional and rational components of the design, unique software solutions and administration training of the client's staff.

Web design of the site is the separate part of discussion. Owing to our experience and constant self-development we know how to make the site in for it to completely meet the requirements of your specific business, to attract clients, to stick in clients' memory, to reflect the inner philosophy of your company and to be comfortable for internal and external users.

In nowadays business world, everyone knows that creating of sites is not a luxury but a necessity. Effective site affects the status, prestige and sales of any company.

Having been developing sites for many years we know that this is the work for both sides - ours and client's. It means the constant discussion, changes and finishing of the made work. As professionals in this field we know how to make the creation of sites not a hard work for each side but the nice pastime with the achievement of the best results.

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