Graphic design


Branding in the cyberspace differs from the traditional branding, and digital goods should be developed in the new way considering features of the environment. Our ability to draw vivid and memorable pictograms can be very useful.


We know that software is inanimate object that doesn't have intellectual skills and can feel nothing. It is just the set of commands, zeros and ones. But sometimes it turns into something alive and even makes attempts to show some muscle. And users believe in everything that they see. And they see just what we draw.

Interface design

According to our mind, each pixel should be on its place and our task – to put all these pixels into the right places. We deal with interface design of both web applications and traditional desktop applications for Windows or Macintosh as well.

Web design

Nowadays the ability to stand out the great amount of the same kind is main indicator of qualitative work of web-designer. When pages of different companies' web-sites are similar it is doubtful whether you should compare their content.

We certainly don't insist on the placing orange text on the red ground. Such trick will definitely mark any site out competitors, but this move hardly will help effective operation. The basic rules of design presuppose developing of attractive and usable pages. The other point is that the conformation to these rules has become a stereotype in some way, thus development of unique web-design is a really difficult task and only real professional is able to manage it.

For example, one of such standards is a white colour of pages, as according to the researches such pages evokes users' trust to the content.

Few years ago raster collages enjoyed the great popularity, they formed visual image and attracted visitors' attention and along with it not carrying any functional load.

Some years later the functional usage of graphic elements became a good manner in web-design. Graphic element was considered as essential part, as element that structure verbal information or has informational load that depicts facts which cannot be depicted via text. That is why the modern design is, first of all, font CSS.

The peculiarities of the design always dictate those limitations that Internet constrains. In the first place it is the size of files that allows downloading pages fast. It is possible only when the page size doesn't exceed 60 Kbyte.

Developing graphics you should also consider an average format because nowadays users work on their computers with various platforms, monitors and browsers. That is why the difference in displaying of the same page may be different on different computers. The difference may be quite essential and as a result the reproducing effect may be different. And the graphics should be displayed adequately on monitors with different definitions.

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